The program has ten (10) salaried staff: the Program Director, Visiting Accountant, 3 Program Managers, 2 Nurses, 6 Center Coordinators, Program Assistant and a Cleaner.

The program also has 14 volunteers who are paid a monthly stipend.

Program Director

The purpose and focus of this position is to lend strategic oversight of all NFSC operations through direct supervision of the NFSC Managers and liaison with the Board of Directors. The Program Director meets with potential funding agencies to understand their funding criteria and service priorities. Along with funding agencies the Program Director represents NFSC in strategic discussion outside of the organization such as central government, world health organizations, international research and funding groups, etc. The Program Director works with the Board of Directors to use their time in realistic clusters in order to best be available when needed. The Program Director is on call to the NFSC Managers in times of emergencies and critical decision making.

Program Managers

The program has 4 full time managers. One manager is in charge of Breakfast, the other is a Clinic Manager, another manages the office and the forth manages the After School Program & Income Generating Activities.

They over-see the day-to-day running of these programs at the seven sites. They are responsible for making sure that all sites are providing available services to the children and their caregivers. They do home visits and work with the coordinators and community committees. They also work on building relationships with the volunteers, guardians, the children and the community.


The 2 nurses run the clinic and do home visits with the center coordinators. They treat minor ailments and refer the complex cases to hospitals. They conduct wellness clinics every end of school vacation. (The second Nurse was hired March 2006 to help cope with the increasing number of children. She was sponsored by friends of NFSC through her nursing training)

Center Coordinators

There are 7 Program Coordinators, one for each of the seven sites/centers.

The Center Coordinators’ role is to organize activities at the assigned center and assist the Program Managers as needed. They are responsible for the day-to-day running of the ASP and the Breakfast programs at the centers. They supervise volunteers and assist them with daily attendance record keeping and monthly reports.

After School Program Teachers

There are 7 ASP Teachers responsible for the coordination of all aspects of the program at the assigned center. Each works with the Center Coordinator to recruit volunteers and to ensure smooth running of the program.

Per Diem Doctor

In the past NFSC had a doctor who visited the clinic twice a week, this service has been suspended due to budgetary reasons. It has become very necessary to have a doctor a few days a week now that the ARV program has started. JCRC has agreed to provide a pediatrician twice a month and through another partnership with Namulundu Medical Center on Entebbe Road, Dr. Patrick Otengho Makanga will visit NFSC clinic on request.


NFSC has had volunteers from the community and abroad.

The community volunteers have helped with cooking breakfast, grooming the children before the beginning of each term, helping patients during the ARV clinic, advising NFSC on the needs of the children in the community. We have more than 40 volunteers.

Volunteers from abroad have come from Italy, UK, Netherlands and the USA. They have spent periods of time ranging from 2 months to 9 months working on the different projects.

Physical Structures

All the centers have shelters, courtesy of the American Embassy in Uganda.

Further Growth and Development for the Staff

Funds are needed in order for the staff to participate in conferences and seminars on the new information and research being done in area of counseling, crisis intervention and HIV prevention and medical care.