NFSC’s Eight Areas of Activity

NFSC has several projects whose operations all depend on fundraising efforts in the US. Below is a brief description of the seven projects under NFSC.

Why Join Us?

Our objectives are:

      • To become a model to be replicated in other villages
      • To support the community to take care of their own children, rather than sending them to orphanages.
      • To make education and health care accessible to the orphans and other vulnerable children.
      • To help teach the children morals, cultural beliefs, and other social values that will enable them become  productive, acceptable citizens of their communities and country
      • To make HIV treatment available to the children and their caregivers
      • To advocate for the rights of the orphans and other vulnerable children

What People Say

AIDS has brought two major taboos – death and sex – to the dining table.!
Noerine Kaleeba, Director, The AIDS Support Organization
Oh bambi1 Kale if all these people stealing money in UG nd buying Escalades nd Maybauchs could spare just a little of the loot nd sponsor such kids, the next genertion in Ug would be blessed.
Sarah Serubula, Facebook, June 19 2010
Namugongo Fund for Special Children, a non governmental organisation, is giving hope to hundreds of HIV/Aids orphaned children. The organisation, with the help of friends from the United States of America, is offering food, ARVs, basic essentials and scholarships to the parentless suffering children.
Stella Nakakande, Daily Monitor, July 21 2007