At the Cutting Edge OF HIV Care for 22 Years

mildmay-logoMildmay International is a pioneering HIV charity delivering quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation, training and education, and health systems strengthening in the UK, sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe.

Originally founded in 1866 to tackle the cholera epidemic in London’s East End, Mildmay has been providing care for people living with HIV for more than 20 years.

We are a Christian charity working in the UK, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. We also run HIV training programmes across Eastern Europe.

In 1988, Mildmay responded quickly to the escalating HIV and AIDS crisis, opening Europe’s first dedicated AIDS hospice in London, where Princess Diana famously shook hands with a patient at the height of the frenzy of fear around the illness.

We were soon called to extend our expertise to areas of the world worst affected by HIV and AIDS.

As our understanding of HIV has evolved, and as medication and survival rates have improved, Mildmay International’s focus has adapted and responded to meet new needs. Here in the UK, as more and more people with HIV began to live longer, Mildmay quickly changed its focus from end of life care to specialised rehabilitation.

Across its programmes, Mildmay International is committed to staying one step ahead of the disease. Through an investment of resources and energy today into research, analysis and evaluation of our work, Mildmay will be able to pre-empt changes in the HIV landscape of tomorrow.

We are also well aware that the world cannot treat its way out of this epidemic – for every two people that begin antiretroviral therapy, there are five new infections. That’s why Mildmay is determined to continue to use its clinical expertise to engage in effective biomedical ways to prevent the spread of HIV, particularly from mothers to their babies.

With a reputation forged over 20 years as a pioneer in the field, we are also well-placed to influence the healthcare policies of governments, advocate for change and improvement in HIV treatment and care, and speak out for the rights of those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

We believe people with HIV should be able to live life to their full potential.