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  • NFSC football team 2012
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    2012 Sports Gala: HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy Among Adolescents

2012 Sports Gala: HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy Among Adolescents

The 4th children’s annual sports gala held on 1st September 2012 was one of the pre-conference activities of the 2012 National Pediatric conference in Uganda. The sports gala was a joint event of over 10 organizations that work with children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.  The theme of the […]

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  • NFSC Youth during the Paediatric Conference at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel.
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    2012 Symposium: Uganda National HIV/AIDS Pediatric Conference

2012 Symposium: Uganda National HIV/AIDS Pediatric Conference

The 2012 Uganda National HIV/AIDS Pediatric conference held in Kampala City had two major events i.e. the Children’s symposium and the scientific conference. The conference was organized by Ministry of Health in conjunction with Uganda Pediatric Association and the National council for children under the theme ‘Overcoming Pediatric […]

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At Front Lines, AIDS War Is Falling Apart

KAMPALA, Uganda — On the grounds of Uganda’s biggest AIDS clinic, Dinavance Kamukama sits under a tree and weeps. Her disease is probably quite advanced: her kidneys are failing and she is so weak she can barely walk. Leaving her young daughter with family, she rode a […]

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Massachusetts First Lady, Diane Patrick

First Lady Diane Patrick has her own record of excellence and distinguished professional and public service. A lawyer, teacher, mother and active member of her community, Mrs. Patrick has extensive experience in many walks of life.

Born in 1951, Mrs. Patrick spent her early childhood sharing a Brooklyn brownstone with […]

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NFSC/Uganda – NFSC/USA Board Meeting a Resounding Success

Rosette Serwanga, Dan Curley and Laura Fizek, Director of Organization Development, JRI Health – CTPD spearheaded a series of strategic meetings that took place in Uganda with the NFSC Board in Uganda and worked with Ugandan partners JCRC, TASO and the new OVC Coalition, “SUCCESS”.

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Issues We Face

While global campaigns, advocacy groups, and high-profile donors have brought much-needed attention to the epidemic, the somber reality is that children in the path of HIV/AIDS remain at grave risk. HIV/AIDS continues to dramatically reshape the lives of an estimated 2.3 million children around the world.

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NFSC Pictures on display in Brighton

NFSC Pictures on display in Brighton, MA coffee shop for the month of May For the entire month of May 2008, a unique selection of photos showing the NFSC breakfast project were on display at Café Nation,a small coffee shop in Brighton, Massachusetts.

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The majority of my blogs have been rather pessimistic in nature, certainly not uplifting. One thing I want to make clear, I work in this field because I believe in its hope. I believe whole-heartedly that the work of a few dedicated, passionate minds can in fact change the […]

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Lost in a sea of ‘macro’ thought and theory

I have been distracted, lost in a sea of ‘macro’ thought and theory. My ambitions have been based largely on trying to affect ‘the system’ at large. In fact, I believe in many ways over the past week I have lost touch with the reality of the situation. If […]

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Coloring the Namugongo Fund

Coloring Collage

Over the past month, over 25 individuals have quietly helped Namugongo Fund increase its capacity for allowing children to express themselves through visual arts. As of this writing, over $300 has been pledged to provide art supplies to […]

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